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About Chau Kaizen

Chau Kaizen is a martial arts and fitness system designed with a focus on self-development and improvement. Chau Kaizen caters to all ages, experience and fitness levels. Chau Kaizen isn’t just a gym - it is a family.

What is mixed martial arts?

Mixed Martial Arts (or commonly known as MMA) combines the best of many traditional and modern martial arts focusing on the effective use of striking and submission grappling techniques.
Whether your motivation is to learn self-defence, improve your fitness or to compete inside the arena - Chau Kaizen MMA training will prove to be the ultimate pathway and environment for your success.

Motivate Personal Group Training

The Chau Kaizen academy is a world class training facility for personal and group training.
Work with the knowledgeable team at Chau Kaizen to lose weight correctly, increase muscle and tone, reduce stress and more. It will be fun and challenging but most of all it will be rewarding.

Who is Suasday?

Suasday Chau is the head instructor at Chau Kaizen. A dedicated, world class martial artist and athlete, Suasday has competed and coached athletes at some of the largest MMA events throughout Australia and Asia. Suasday is committed to improving and changing lives, including yours. He looks forward to welcoming you to be a part of the Chau Kaizen family.

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